Our adventure began with a 100 year-old sourdough starter—and a giant leap of faith. In 1991, the centenarian culture of yeast and bacteria handed down by generations of San Francisco master bakers found its way into our tiny 900 square-foot deli and changed our lives forever.

Using it to nurture our unique sourdough recipe, we began honing the art of bread making. Our first retail breakthrough was a line of grissini breadsticks that drove our customers wild. Soon we were producing 20 pounds of breadsticks per week and 10 sourdough loaves per day.


Today, our business has been catapulted into a large-scale bread manufacturing operation—but our approach to bread making remains the same. We have stayed committed to our original hands-on baking technique, yet have acquired the ability to handle large-volume production using state-of-the-art equipment.

We are grateful for our growth as a bread bakery, which we owe to our customers who have been—and continue to be—the key to our success. Thank you for taking this journey with us.


Never compromise quality for quantity.


United Bakery uses the proven method of long dough-fermentation times in temperatures replicating San Francisco’s world famous foggy weather. This traditional approach may be more time-consuming and expensive than quick-start recipes, but the process makes an enormous difference in the quality of our products, giving them the complex and intense flavor as well as the tangy and chewy texture of true San Francisco sourdough.

It’s taken long hours, hard work and some trial and error, but we’ve struck a balance between old-world artistry and tradition and cutting edge technology, which has enabled us to increase volume exponentially.  We still bake bread the old-fashioned way—with care and love—but now we just do it, well, bigger.

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